Dr Brayden Weber preparing orthodontics at Watagan Dental

Orthodontics - will make you smile 

Getting the smile you've always wanted and feeling comfortable when you laugh are just some of the fantastic benefits that can be achieved with orthodontics. Most people have thought about it and many

experience the self-confidence that comes with a nice smile. At Watagan Dental our dentists are passionate and trained to provide orthodontic solutions to fix the smiles of both adults and children.

Early Interceptive Orthodontics

Dr Brayden Weber wth Patient

If your child has crooked teeth when they are young, this means there is a problem that should be looked at. These problems may require early interceptive orthodontics. Your child should be monitored by your dentist at every dental visit to ensure they are growing correctly and their dental development is normal. Our dentists are trained to do this and can pick up any issues early in development. 

Adult Orthodontics

Sometimes crooked teeth, cross bites, deep or open bites and residual gaps between teeth may not be treated in childhood and can lead to issues when you are an adult. The good news is it is never too late to improve your smile. Treatments we provide include digitally planned, customised metal braces and clear aligners to help align teeth.

Dr Weber and the Watagan Dental Team

What happens next?

If your child is found to have any concerns with their facial development or tooth alignment, we will let you know. From there we will recommend that we do an orthodontic exam or refer you do a specialist orthodontist if the treatment is difficult. 

Once the orthodontic plan has been prepared our dentists will sit down with you and discuss the available options and the course of action that is best suited to you or your child’s needs.