Our Policy on Cancellations and Failure to Attend


Short notice appointment cancellation, failed attendance or late arrival (of more than ten minutes) disrupts service for other patients and our staff.

Due to our small business size and high demand for appointments at Watagan Dental the following Cancellation Policy applies:

  1. Patients are not generally requested to pre-pay for dental consultations or treatment *

  2. Where a patient cancels an appointment or does not attend, offering less than 48 hours notice:

    • First occurrence, we understand that situations can happen (extreme weather, emergencies, traffic jams etc.) and we will NOT request a cancellation fee.

    • For second and subsequent appointments, we often request a deposit in lieu of a short notice cancellation fee. The deposit will be requested to reserve a further appointment and will be attributed to this appointment

  3. Cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice incur a minimum of $75 per appointment short notice cancellation fee.

  4. Cancellation Fees are non-refundable.

Watagan Dental reserve the right to request patients who continually cancel appointments at short notice, fail to attend, arrive late or are simply rude to source another service provider.

We exist to personally care for our patients and keeping to schedule is the only way we can continue to offer our quality service to all our patients.

*A deposit is required for treatments requiring a lab fee. These include but are not limited too orthodontic treatments, dental implants and dental prosthetics such as dentures, veneers and crowns.