We Care 

Our entire dental family care about you. We aim to make your visit to us as comfortable as possible. This is paired with high quality, tailored treatment so you can leave with a big smile on your face.

Check Up 


A gentle check to make sure you and your smile are healthy.

Dental Hygiene


Freshen up your breath and your smile with a dental clean, polish and fluoride.

Dental Fillings 


Let us keep your smile white with nice white fillings to fill the gaps.



A great replacement for missing teeth to get you happy about your smile again.

Emergency Dentistry 


Aching tooth, loose tooth, facial pain let us help you to get you back to your life pain free!

Teeth Whitening 


Smiles can fade, with tooth whitening you can have that bright smile back again.

Crown, Bridge and Veneers 


Cracked teeth, missing teeth or crooked teeth? We can fix that!

Orthodontic Smiles


Yes we do orthodontics! Come see what we can do for your smile today.



Our facilities provide xrays with minimal radiation so you get the best treatment!

Head and neck pain

Does your jaw click, crack pop or cause pain? Suffer from head and neck aches? We can help.

Tooth Removal

If you need a tooth removed we can do that for you.

Wisdom Teeth Problems

Are your wisdom teeth causing you pain or pushing your teeth around? Come talk to us.