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Cancellation Policy

When you do not attend your appointment it affects more than just you.

Booking your appointment - Its all about trust

At Watagan Dental we value our patients and trust they will turn up to their appointments. Due to this, we do not charge an appointment booking fee to hold your appointment timeslot.

If you turn up or reschedule 24 hours before your appointment there is no cancellation fee! This is by far the best option for us and for you.

Why do we have a cancellation policy?

When you do not turn up to your appointment three people lose out
1 - You - as you do not get the treatment you need
2 - Other patients - as we must turn them away to enable us to keep our time with you
3 - Our staff - we enjoy seeing our patients and put a lot of time into setting up our clinic for you. We also book plenty of time for all our patients to provide a quality service which leaves a big hole in our day and extra cleaning up when you do not come.

How do I know when my appointment is?

When you book online we will send you an sms message with your appointment day and time. This way you can always have it on your phone.

When you book at our dental clinic we will offer you an appointment card with any booked appointments written on it.

Don't worry! We also have a comprehensive reminder system to help you remember your upcoming appointment as well.

We do our best to help you remember your appointment

Trust us when we say we are here to help, including reminding you about your booked appointments.

For all appointments, you will receive a reminder sms two days before your appointment. This sms will have your appointment date and time and say reply Y to confirm. This way you can easily confirm your attendance from wherever you are.

If you have not confirmed your booking we will give you a courtesy call the day before your appointment so that you can confirm in person or reschedule if necessary. We will also leave a message if a message bank is active.

Pre-booked an appointment 3+ months in advance?

If you have booked an appointment over 3 months away you will receive an sms a week before your appointment. This provides plenty of time to reschedule the appointment if something has come up.

Day of your appointment

On the day of your appointment, we will attempt to call one last time to confirm your attendance and leave one final courtesy reminder message. At this stage, it is under the 24-hour cancellation period and our cancellation policy will be enacted.

First time cancelling under 24 hours

If it is your first time cancelling under 24 hours we will usually waive your late cancellation fee. We understand that things can happen and sometimes uncontrollable circumstances can arise preventing you from attending.

Multiple cancellations, arriving late or non attendance under 24 hours

If you have cancelled last minute previously, especially if it has happened a few times, we will charge a fee of $75 per patient that is not attending.

As a gesture of good faith, if you reschedule your appointment (not cancel) instead of a cancellation fee we will charge a $75 non-refundable booking fee.

This can be used at your future rescheduled appointment to help pay for treatment received on the day. If at any time this appointment is cancelled you will lose the booking fee.

Arriving late to your appointment

We exist to personally care for our patients and keeping to schedule is the only way we can continue to offer quality service to all our patients. Your booked appointment has been scheduled to ensure we have the time to provide your treatment well. If you arrive too late we may need to reschedule your appointment so that:

1 - You get the time to ensure your treatment is a success
2 - The patients who have booked after you get the time they deserve
3 - Our staff are not rushed between patients as we need time for our high-quality infection control standards

If your appointment is rescheduled due to lateness this will be counted as missed appointment unless extraneous circumstances are present.

We want to provide the best experience for our patients

Due to our small business size and high demand for appointments, Watagan Dental reserves the right to request patients who continually cancel appointments at short notice, fail to attend, arrive late, or are simply rude to source another service provider. We only want to provide the best environment for our staff and patients.


We're conveniently located on Freemans Drive in Cooranbong. You will find plenty of free parking at the rear of the building right next to our comfortable and relaxing reception. 


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