• Dr Brayden Weber

Sport and your teeth!

I have noticed sporting teams around Cooranbong, Morisset and Dora Creek advertising their 2018 season. Sports are a fantastic opportunity for kids and adults to get out, get fit and socialise.

When signing up for these sports I'm sure you are not thinking about your teeth. Sports are the most common reason for broken or knocked out front teeth. Obviously some sports are more risky than others.

The sports with the highest number of dental injuries include:

  • Football

  • Basketball

  • Boxing

  • Martial arts

  • Hockey.

Even sports that are non contact still run the risk of a dental injury. These injuries are unfortunately more common than we would like to think and all could be avoided with a well fitting, properly made mouth guard.

What to look for in a mouth guard:

Gone are the days where you had to heat up a bit of rubber and bite into it. Now we know how best to protect your teeth with a well fitting mouth guard which is customised to you and your sport!


The materials used need to be durable and comfortable.


A thickness of around 4mm provides the best protection. The thickest areas will need to be around the front teeth and in between all the teeth to prevent any hard impacts damaging the front or the back teeth.


The better the fit of the mouth guard, the better the protection for the teeth. There have been instances where the mouth guard falls out during an impact or moves around in the mouth which lessens the protective effect.


A correct jaw position while wearing a mouth guard can increase your performance. There have been Kinesiology studies that show that a correct jaw position not only protects the joint better but also helps relax the body for a greater range of motion, increases flexibility and balance. We also observe this when we treat jaw joint disorders and get the jaw in the correct position. How cool is that?

Where do I get a good mouth guard?

The best mouth guard is made by your dentist. We take moulds of your teeth and create a mouth guard that fits the best, with the best materials. We can also get your jaws in the correct position to enhance your performance. Let us do all the work so you can enjoy a high quality mouth guard that is comfortable and customised to you!

Are the mouth guards in the shops any good?

A mouth guard is better than no mouth guard. If you don't want a custom mouth guard from your dentist then I would recommend getting one from the shops as it will provide some protection for your teeth.

I hope this helps you get a good mouth guard to protect your or your child's teeth. Have a great 2018 sports season!

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